Electric Bed Sheets

If you have decided to invest in an electric bed, you have made a wise choice.  You will probably be looking forward to the best night’s sleep you have had in a long time, cushioned in all the right places and being in the position you choose without having to use about 20 cushions to achieve it.  Of course, you will need electric bed sheets to cover your new found comfort and there are a few things to think about when you are purchasing your sheets and linen.

Measuring for Electric Bed Sheets

Just like with any other bed, electric bed mattresses come in a variety of sizes and it is never a wise decision to presume you have a standard single, twin, double, king, queen or super king.  Make sure you carefully measure the length and width of your mattress and measure the thickness, as some mattresses are much thicker than others and you may struggle to comfortably fit a fitted electric bed sheet over certain brands.  There are many manufacturers that have specialised in designing bed sheets specifically designed for electric beds, and you could consider shopping with:

  • Yorkshire Mill Shops
  • Easy Duvet Cover
  • Linen Cupboard
  • Snug Nights

Pads for Electric Bed Sheets

Choosing a pad for your electric bed is very important.  If you have an electric bed for more than one person, and it is made of two single pieces, make sure you invest in two pads as well, rather than one large single one, as you may not both sleep in the same position.  There are many protective pads specifically designed for electric beds and they come in a range of materials that provide additional protection against a range of possible problems.  For example:

  • For shape retention, 100% cotton pads are generally the best choice, particularly those that have a polyester backing.
  • If you have problems with moisture, perhaps due to night sweats for example, you may want to invest in a Teflon pad, as these are not only resistant to moisture, but also dust mites.
  • If you are looking for ultimate comfort, purchase a pillow top pad, which feels luxurious and plush.

Electric Bed Sheet Anchors and Wings

Because many mattresses on electric beds are very thick, different solutions have been created to stop an electric bed sheet, particularly the fitted sheets, from popping off or creating air bubbles.  Some sheets will have an extension that is referred to as a wing, which fit very easily under a thicker mattress.  Anchor straps are another innovative solution.  These are elastic bands that are slipped under the four corners of a mattress and secure the electric bed sheet into place.

Once you have your mattress pad and your electric bed sheets ready, you will finally be able to enjoy that peaceful night’s sleep that you have been looking forward to for so long.  You will find yourself waking up invigorated and rested, ready to face another day.  For now, however, sweet dreams!

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