Double Electric Bed

By choosing to purchase an electric or adjustable bed you will be able to enjoy tremendous levels of comfort during the night, enabling you to wake up every morning feeling invigorated and refreshed, ready for the day ahead.  You will never again be able to use the excuse that you got up on the wrong side of the bed, because with such levels of comfort during your sleep, you will always wake up in a good mood.  If you also have a partner, however, you may need two electric beds, and you can either opt for two single electric beds, or one double electric bed.

Advantages of a Double Electric Bed

The advantages of a double electric bed are the same as with any other electric bed, including:

  • Tremendous levels of comfort
  • The ability to adjust different parts of the bed, including the foot end and the headrest but also other areas on more advanced models
  • Remote control operation
  • Being able to rise and lower the bed itself, making it easier and safer for people to get in and out of bed
  • Massage features on more advanced models, allowing for additional comfort

Disadvantages of a Double Electric Bed

The only real disadvantage to a double electric bed is that you and the person you share your bed with must enjoy sleeping in the exact same position, as every adjustment will be felt in a double bed.  This can lead to arguments as to who gets the remote control and who gets to decide the position every night.  This is one of the main reasons why people tend to opt for two single mattresses instead, allowing each side of the double electric bed to be adjusted to the needs of the individual sleeper.

The Helston Double Electric Bed

The Helston double electric bed is a great example of a fantastic bed.  Manufacturers are also able to lengthen this bed, which is especially good for children who are growing.  This bed is always fully installed by trained engineers, rather than being delivered flat packed and should come with a warranty of at least five years.  The Helston is a tan coloured bed and the double electric bed has a single mattress on it, meaning that the full mattress will be adjusted with each command, as described earlier.  Accessories for the Heston double electric bed include:

  • A five point variable massaging system
  • A heavy duty bed frame, able to sustain weights of up to 30 stone – in today’s obesity epidemic, this is very important, as these people are often bed ridden for large parts of the day and require comfort
  • Superior and memory foam mattresses
  • Grab rings
  • Leg lifters on the side of the bed
  • Cot side
  • Luxury headboards
  • Infrared remote control
  • Memory foam pillows

The Helston double electric bed is just one example in a whole range of double electric beds that is able to provide superior levels of comfort, with or without the optional extras.  Having a double electric bed will truly mean that both you and your sleeping partner – or you by yourself if you like to starfish – will have a perfect night’s sleep.

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