Electric Bed Mattress

Sleep is one of the most important things we do as a human being, next to breathing, eating and drinking.  Sleep allows us to recharge our batteries, rest and come to terms with everything our brain has been bombarded with during the day.  Unfortunately for many people, getting to sleep can be quite difficult due to the fact that they are unable to find a comfortable position in which to get to sleep, instead finding themselves tossing and turning and waking up in the morning with stiff limbs and a general feeling of tiredness. 

What Is an Electric Bed Mattress?

Electric beds can offer you the ultimate level of comfort, as they can be adjusted in all the areas that matter.  The head rest, for example, can move up at varying angles, as can the foot end.  Often, the bed itself can tilt as well.  It is also possible to lower or raise the bed, which is particularly relevant for people who require an electric bed for medical purposes.  Electric beds do generally need specific mattresses that are able to bend in the right places without slipping off the bed frame, of course.  Some of the features of an electric bed mattress include:

  • Visco elastic memory foam mattresses
  • Reflex foam mattresses
  • Varying ILD firmness ratings, ranging from 25 (which is soft), 31 (which is medium), 37 (firm) to 44 (extra firm) as well as ratings in between. 
  • Border edge support system (this is one of the most important features on an electric bed mattress).

Where Can I Buy an Electric Bed Mattress?

There are quite a few companies in the United Kingdom that specialise in the production of electric beds and electric bed mattresses.  Some of the companies you could opt to take into consideration if you are looking for an electric bed mattress include:

  • Adjustable Bed Centre who specialise in a range of beds and mattresses that are electrically adjustable.
  • Laybrook who are one of the UK’s biggest companies offering electric beds as well as electric bed mattresses.
  • Bed World who specialise in a range of different beds and mattresses

Generally, when you purchase an electric bed, you will also be provided with an electric bed mattress.  Just like with any bed, however, the frame tends to last longer than the mattress itself, so you may come to a point where you need to replace your mattress.

Estimated Cost of an Electric Bed Mattress

The cost of an electric bed mattress will depend on the type of mattress you are looking at and whether or not you also want some optional extras, such as a topping to keep sweat and other bodily fluids out of the mattress.  Many companies also regularly offer sales and special offers, and it can really be worth your while to keep an eye out for these companies, as discounts have been known to reach 70%.

So, whether you are looking for comfort and style, or whether you need an electric bed mattress due to health reasons, you are sure to be able to find just what you are looking for.

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