Electric Beds

Electric beds have become hugely popular in recent years.  They used to only be used in hospitals and care or nursing homes, to allow people to rest in comfort, thereby aiding their recovery process.  However, more and more people have also caught on to the fantastic levels of comfort and many people now have an electric bed at home.  Electric beds have some fantastic features, allowing the user to mould the bed into a shape that gives them the highest level of comfort.

Features and Benefits of Electric Beds

Electric beds have a range of interesting and useful features, such as:

  • A headboard hugger mechanism – which is an optional extra but does give users even greater comfort.
  • Being able to easily reach any objects placed on your night stands.
  • A remote control to adjust the bed.
  • No wires.
  • The ability to adjust all areas of the bed, including the height of the bed itself.
  • Massage functions – again an optional extra to further increase levels of comfort.

On standard electric beds, users generally have the option of adjusting the headrest and the foot end of the bed.  If both parts are fully lifted up, the bed would form a v shape.  More advanced models are able to adjust those two sides of the bed, but often also the lower back, calves and thighs, meaning that the bed would make more of a wave shape if fully adjusted.

Electric Bed Mattresses

Electric beds do require special mattresses that are able to fold into the desired shape, but will mould back into a regular mattress when the bed is placed in a fully horizontal position.  There are four main sizes of mattresses available, depending on which model of bed is purchased.  These sizes are:

  • Twin extra long
  • Full extra long
  • Queen size
  • Dual king – two twin extra long mattresses placed side by side

Health Benefits of Electric Beds

It is a well known fact that sleeps cures many illnesses, however being able to sleep comfortably further increases the healing properties of sleep.  Being comfortable in bed can be the first step towards curing insomnia, for example.  People also find they wake up refreshed and invigorated, and relaxed in such a way that they are able to face another day.  The benefits of this should not be overlooked, as people who wake up with stress – or on the wrong side of the bed, as it’s called – are less productive in their daily lives.  This means that having electric beds can even have a positive effect on a country’s economy.  Imagine a world in which people are rested and comfortable – it would save a range of problems, including the amount of unwarranted “sick days” that people seem to take.

As you can see having an electric bed enables a person to finally sleep in a position that is fully comfortable to their specific needs.  No more propping specific body parts up with a multitude of pillows that seem to live a life of their own during the night and end up in completely different areas of the bed by morning.  Sweet dreams!

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