Electric Bed Prices

If you are thinking of purchasing an electric bed, you are probably desperate for a good night’s sleep in comfort and style.  There are so many advantages to having an electric bed and many are even used to ease pains caused by illnesses.  However, they can be a considerable investment, so you may want to study the different electric bed prices first.  The prices will depend greatly on the type of electric bed you are looking at, so below are some of the most commonly found electric beds and their prices.

Electric Divan Beds

Electric divan beds come in a range of sizes and they generally have a high base that can contain a drawer.  Some the electric bed prices for this type of bed include:

  • Chatsworth adjustable bed from £399
  • Buckingham adjustable bed from £755
  • Single adjustable bed with high low action from £1,594

Electric Wooden Beds

Electric beds with a wooden base are very popular as they are stylish and fit in well with most modern decors.  Some of the types and prices of these beds include:

  • Aston Adjustable Bed from £649
  • Beeston Pine Adjustable Bed from £849
  • Carisbrooke Oak Adjustable Bed from £1,695

The amount of solid wood in these types of beds will greatly influence the electric bed prices.

Electric Leather Beds

Leather beds are absolutely beautiful and many people are now opting for this type of electric bed, to really compliment the rest of their interior décor.  Some of the prices for electric leather beds include:

  • Cabra from £1,145, which includes an under bed drawer for bedding storage
  • Ashford from £1,295, which has a beautiful high leather headboard
  • Warwick from £1,295, a beautiful leather bed on wooden legs

Electric Metal Beds

Metal beds have lost a lot of popularity in recent years due to the fact that they can look like hospital beds.  However, a range of beautifully designed electric metal beds exist and some of the electric bed prices include:

  • The Single Lismore, 3ft wide, at £1,095
  • The Double Lismore, 6ft wide, at £1,595
  • The Dual Lismore, 6ft, at £1,995

Carers Beds

Carers beds are used mainly in care homes and hospitals and enable patients to be lifted much higher, to allow the carer to be in a comfortable position when washing or treating them.  These types of beds are also very useful for those who have significant mobility issues as it allows them to raise and lower the bed, to assist them when getting in and out.

It is also possible to buy the inner frame only with carers beds, which can significantly reduce the electric bed prices.  Some examples of carers beds and their prices include:

  • 4ft Carers Lifting Bed, from £2,194
  • 4ft Carers Lifting Frame only, from £1,295
  • Ultra Low Wheeled Bed, from £1,070

Electric bed prices, as you can see, vary mainly depending on the type of frame they have.  The second thing that will greatly influence the price is the size of the bed (generally single, double and dual), with dual being the most expensive type.


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