Electric Bed

An electric bed is known for its high levels of comfort.  Another one of its great benefits is the fact that you can adjust it into a position that is perfectly comfortable for you specifically.  This is especially true for double electric beds that are made up of two single mattresses: you and your partner can each be comfortable in a position that best suits your own needs.

What Is an Electric Bed?

Electric beds are like robots with a mattress on them.  Depending on exactly what bed you are choosing, almost everything can be adjustable, from the height of the bed to the head rest and the foot end.  Not only do electric beds provide you with a tremendous level of comfort, the can also be very useful for people with mobility issues, to help them safely get in and out of bed.

Where Can I Buy an Electric Bed?

There are a lot of companies in the United Kingdom that specialise in the production, manufacturing and distribution of electric beds.  Many of these companies are national bed centres, providing an array of different beds, including electric beds, waterbeds, tempur or memory foam beds and much more.  Other companies specialise in medical equipment, often working not only with individuals who require specialised beds for their safety and comfort, but also with hospitals, where many beds are electric particularly to assist those who are recovering from surgery.

Some of the companies you may want to take into consideration if you are considering purchasing an electric bed include:

  • Laybrook
  • Better Life Health Care who specialise in electric beds for those with mobility issues or other illnesses.
  • Argos UK who offer a range of beds in their catalogue, including comfortable electric beds for private use.
  • Archers Sleep Centre, a company that specialises specifically in a wide range of beds and mattresses.

Estimated Cost of an Electric Bed

The cost of an electric bed will depend mainly on how advanced you need your bed to be.  Prices vary from around £300 to well over £1,000.  It is important to check back regularly with companies offering electric beds, as they regularly have special offers on, particularly if you are thinking of buying a double electric bed – which is basically made up of two singles.

As you can see, if you are tired of having to have around twenty pillows on your bed and arguing with your partner about what position is comfortable when trying to watch television in bed, an electric bed may be the solution for you.  Or if you are elderly, have mobility issues or other health issues that make it difficult or even dangerous for you to get in and out of bed, electrical beds may be just what you need.  One thing is for sure, you are guaranteed to have an excellent night sleep and wake up refreshed and relaxed, as you will have been able to watch telly or read in bed before falling asleep in the most comfortable position that is specific to you.

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