Electric Air Bed Pump

Having an electric air bed is a great addition to any home, particularly if you regularly have guests that stay the night, or if you spend the night elsewhere on a regular basis.  The electric air bed pump allows your bed to be inflated and deflated in record time, meaning you can have supreme levels of comfort in no time.  Electric beds can also be used if you enjoy camping, and some people even use them as their main bed in the home.

What Are Electric Air Beds?

An electric air bed is a bed that is pumped up by an electric air bed pump.  Thanks to this pump, inflation and deflation are very quick, which is a tremendous improvement on the old fashioned air beds that took ages of hand and foot pumping in order to be filled with air.  An electric air bed pump can either be manual or electrical.  It pumps the air into the bed through a nozzle that can be found on the outside of the bed.

An electric air bed with pump can come in a range of sizes, from single to king size.  They can also be raised, feeling like two beds on top of each other.  Some electric air beds also have pillows incorporated within them, for additional levels of comfort.

Benefits of Electric Air Beds

There are many benefits to having an electric air bed, some of which have already been described above.  Mainly, though, the benefits are:

  • Quick and effortless inflation and deflation thanks to the electric air bed pump
  • Easy storage and folding
  • Increased levels of comfort, particularly on the raised electric air beds

Of course, an air bed with an electric air bed pump will be more expensive than a regular airbed, but if you believe that time is money, then they are actually much cheaper.  Pumping a king sized mattress up by using a hand or foot pump can take forever, and you will probably have several breaks in between.  Using an electric air bed pump, the same bed can be pumped up in less than a minute!

The other downside to electric air beds is that the pumps can be quite noisy.  However, as you will only use them for very short periods of time, this is barely an inconvenience at all.

Electric Air Bed Pumps

The electric air bed pump is generally attached to your air bed, meaning you are not able to buy it separate from the bed.  This is mainly due to the pressure that is needed to inflate your bed, as if it is too high it could cause your bed to explode and if it is too low it would mean that the air would escape whilst you are pumping it up, meaning that you would be unable to inflate your bed at all.

As you can see, the most important feature on an electric air bed is the electric air bed pump.  You are advised to do some research before deciding which one to purchase, and to look in particular at warranty issues, as both air beds and electric air bed pumps can be quite fragile.

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