Electric Bed Blanket

After years of sleepless and restless nights, struggling to find a comfortable position or anchoring yourself in with pillows that seem to move across the bed every night, waking up every morning stiff and sore and with a mood to stay away from, you may have finally come to the important decision of purchasing an electric bed.  As soon as you go and pick a bed, you will notice that the mattress is slightly different than other beds, particularly since it is thicker. 

This means you will also need to invest in some electric bed sheets, pads and an electric bed blanket.  Luckily, there are many different types of blankets available, mainly:

  • Down blankets
  • Electric blankets
  • Wool blankets
  • Fleece blankets
  • Cotton blankets

Down Electric Bed Blanket

Down blankets are used mainly in places where it can get very cold at night.  They have tremendous insulation and comfort and last for a long time.  They are made from down feathers and can be one of the more expensive options when it comes to blankets.  So that the down feathers don’t shift and clump together in a single part of the blanket, a down duvet is usually sewn into small squares, with each square being filled with feathers.  A good down blanket is also very light in weight.

Electric Bed Blankets

An electric bed blanket is quite old-fashioned but still very popular.  Unfortunately, these blankets do use up a lot of electricity, which is certainly something to take into consideration in today’s climate of energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.  Electric blankets exist in both wired and unwired models.  Certain people do not want to use electric blankets due to a fear of fire, but for others it will remain the best invention since sliced bread.

Wool Electric Bed Blanket

Wool is one of the most expensive types of blankets you will be able to find, but you are unlikely to ever have to buy another blanket.  In fact, they are so durable that you may be able to turn your wool blanket into a family heirloom.  The downside of wool is that it can be quite hard to care for and that many people find its material very itchy.  Some wool blankets now exist with a certain level of silk, to reduce the feeling of itchiness.

Fleece Electric Bed Blanket

A fleece electric bed blanket is incredibly popular.  Fleece is one of the softest materials that is also affordable and it does not slide like other soft materials such as silk.  Furthermore, fleece really keeps you warm and is very easy to wash and clean.  In fact, fleece is just as warm if not warmer than down or wool.

Cotton Electric Bed Blanket

Cotton blankets are cheap and decorative.  You are likely to have to purchase a new cotton blanket quite regularly as it is not the most durable material, but on the upside you will be able to find cotton blankets in a range of designs and patterns.  Cotton blankets can be used in both warm and cold climates, although many people will use additional blankets in the colder periods.

Whichever electric bed blanket you may end up choosing, sleep tight and enjoy!

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