Electric Bed Reviews

If you are thinking of buying a new electric bed, you may be slightly taken aback by the incredible range of electric beds available on the market.  A great way to come to a decision on which bed is best for you is by reading electric bed reviews, which are available in a variety of places.  Below are some reviews on the most popular electric beds.

Silentnight with Memory Foam Mattress Electric Bed Reviews

Some of the reviews on this specific bed include:

  • So easy to assemble and so comfortable.  Best night sleep I have had in years.
  • Great value because of the memory foam mattress

Silentnight King Size Electric Bed Reviews

People using this adjustable bed have given the following electric bed reviews:

  • Best value on the market – and that’s after comparing a lot
  • Bought it for my elderly parents, they seem totally rejuvenated and think they are spring chickens again!

Silentnight Super King Size Electric Bed Reviews

This is a very popular bed, particularly due to its size and the fact that it has a memory foam mattress.  Some of the electric bed reviews for this model include:

  • I didn’t want to give a review until I had tried the bed for a while.  I’ve had it for six weeks now and my back problems have all but gone.  I would never go back to any other type of mattress.
  • Fantastic value and a true life changer for me.  I suffer from a serious illness that forces me to spend long periods of time in bed.  This bed is comfortable in so many different ways and my husband is able to set his own position independently from mine.  No more nagging about who’s hogging the pillows!

Abberley Electric Bed Reviews

Abberley is a lesser known but increasingly popular brand of electric beds.  Some of the reviews for this brand include:

  • In one word: perfect!  I spent ages trying to find the best bed within my budget and Abberley fully delivered.  Plus, the staff were super helpful and didn’t mind the fact that I kept leaving and coming back again, thinking I could get a better deal elsewhere.  I couldn’t, and should have saved myself the time and just bought the perfect bed as soon as I saw it.  But now I have it and I’m staying in bed for the next couple of weeks!
  • It simply doesn’t get much better than this!  What comfort and style!  Why didn’t I think of purchasing an electric bed before?  I would never go without again – although I doubt I will have to, as the Abberley seems to be so durable.

As you can see, there are quite a number of beds available that have received very favourable electric bed reviews.  In fact, you may struggle to find a review that says anything negative about the comfort of an electric bed.  Generally, people will only give a negative review if they think the price is not proportionate and even then it is not in relation to the quality, but more due to the fact that it was cheaper elsewhere.

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