Electric Bed Companies

As electric beds have become increasingly popular in recent years, more and more companies have started selling them.  Some companies specialise in electric beds, and these were generally founded in the days when electric beds were only used for medical purposes. 

However, nowadays, you can buy an electric bed from a range of different companies, including:

  • Argos
  • Homebase
  • Tesco
  • Asda

Some electric bed companies, as said, specialise specifically in electric beds, and some of these are reviewed below.

Archers Sleep Centre – Bed Superstore

Archers Sleep Centre is a nationwide company that specialises in many different types of beds.  Their range of electric beds includes:

  • The Furmanac Active
  • The Furmanac Charlotte
  • The Furmanac Anna
  • The Furmanac Leanne
  • The Furmanac Grace
  • The Silentnight Miratex
  • The Furmanac Chloe
  • The Furmanac Cassandra
  • The Kozee Sleep
  • The Rest Assured Rest Master
  • The Furmanac Irene

Archers Sleep Centre prides itself on its outstanding levels of customer service and many years of experience in the bed and sleep industry.  Comfort and health are their main goals.

Laybrook Motion Furniture

Laybrook Motion Furniture is one of the electric bed companies that specialises specifically in electric beds.  They have an incredible range of beds available, in many different shapes, sizes and finishes and also specialise in providing a range of optional extras to make their beds safer and more comfortable, including bedrails, cot rails, leg lifters and optional massage extras.  They are also able to modify an individual bed to make it longer, which is very useful for the increasing number of tall people in the United Kingdom.

Oakdale Adjustable Beds

Oakdale Adjustable Beds is another one of the electric bed companies that only offer electric and adjustable beds.  They offer an incredible range of beds with different optional extras.  Any size and shape you can think of can be provided by Oakdale Adjustable Beds.  Oakdale Adjustable Beds also pride themselves on their outstanding levels of customer service, represented by their highly acclaimed customer service charter.  Furthermore, they are very clear on the health benefits provided by their range of electric and adjustable beds, such as:

  • Increased energy the day after sleeping on an electrical bed
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Increased long term health
  • The knowledge that getting enough sleep in a comfortable position keeps you rejuvenated
  • Being able to feel calm and in control of yourself

As you can see, there is an incredible range of companies available that sell electrical beds.  Some of the electric bed companies specialise in adjustable beds only, other companies offer a range of different products, some of them completely irrelevant to sleep and bedding, like Tesco for example.  The main point is that if you are looking for that perfect night’s sleep on a bed that is moulded specifically to your individual comfort needs, an electric bed is for you.  And with so many different electric bed companies to choose from, that perfect night sleep is within easy reach and does not need to break the bank either.  Good night, sweet dreams!

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