Electric Bed Hire

Electric beds offer tremendous levels of comfort and are often used by people with illnesses that cause them significant levels of pain and discomfort when lying down in the wrong position.  However, electric beds can be very expensive, and many people now opt for electric bed hire if they feel they will have issues with pain for a limited period of time, for example after an operation.  A second reason why some people opt for electric bed hire is because the delivery time for a new electric bed can be quite long, and renting an electric bed in the meantime enables them to get used to the comfort that this type of bed provides.

What to Look for In an Electric Bed Hire Company

If you are thinking about electric bed hire, there are a few things a good company offering such a service should be able to demonstrate, including:

  • A network of service technicians that can help you within a very reasonable time frame should something go wrong with your bed
  • A clear service history on your bed
  • Excellent customer service representatives that are happy to answer any of your questions

Transfer of Ownership

Many companies also offer a transfer of ownership, meaning that if you rent an electric bed for more than 12 weeks, you will become the owner of the bed.  This means that electric bed hire can also be an interesting way of purchasing an electric bed without having to pay the full price upfront.  Of course, this option does generally mean that your bed will be a second hand one.

Terms and Conditions for Electric Bed Hire

Most companies offering electric bed hire have similar terms and conditions, including:

  • An initial period of rental of at least four weeks with further rentals in two week intervals.
  • Delivery, installation and collection costs - regardless of where you are in the United Kingdom you will be required to pay these.  They will generally be cheaper however if you are located near to the company’s depot.  When you enter your rental agreement, make sure you read this part carefully.  For example, a £100 delivery and installation charge means you have not yet paid for the delivery of your bed, which can amount to another £100.
  • The option to purchase a foam mattress that is new and will not be returned, meaning you can keep it after your rental has ended.
  • 12 week rental transfer of ownership, including a 1 year warranty and service contract.

You also need to check whether or not VAT is included in your electric bed hire quotation.  This is because many people who are terminally ill are not required to pay VAT so they may be able to deduct this from the overall price.

As you can see, opting for electric bed rental can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, not in the least because many companies will automatically transfer the ownership of the bed over to you after 12 weeks of rental.  Electric bed hire can be an interesting alternative to buying one.

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