Hospital Bed

Being in hospital is not something anybody ever looks forward to as it generally means that you will be experiencing some significant levels of discomfort for a period of time.  Hospitals are committed to excellent patient care and one of the things they do to increase the quality of time that patients spend in hospital is by ensuring they have high quality, comfortable hospital beds. 

A hospital bed has many functions, including:

  • Comfort
  • Safety – both when getting in and out of the bed and when being in the bed
  • Health and safety for the caring staff – by being able to raise and lower the bed, staff have to do less bending and stretching.

The Different Types of Hospital Beds

There are three main types of hospital beds:

  • A manual hospital bed which has a hand crank installed to be able to lower and raise the head rest and the height of the bed itself.
  • A semi electric hospital bed which usually has some limited electric controls, generally to be able to lower and raise the head rest and foot rest.  These types of beds generally also have a manual crank to lower and raise the bed itself.
  • Fully electric hospital beds in which all functions are performed by an electrical motor, including the foot and head rest as well as the lowering and raising of the bed itself

The Most Popular Hospital Beds

It is of vital importance that a hospital bed offers the type of musculoskeletal support that is appropriate for each individual patient.  A hospital bed has to be able to ensure that no pressure is placed on body parts that are affected by illness, injury or surgery.  On top of this, hospital beds need to take into consideration the personal preferences of each patient, as a comfortable position is different for everybody.

The most popular hospital bed will always come with a user friendly remote control, which allows the patient to change the positions of the bed without any difficulty.  The popularity of hospital beds is also determined by the mattress.  As hospital patients often spend considerable amounts of time in bed, it is important that the mattress gives just the right amount of firmness to prevent painful muscles and a stiff body.

Massage Features on Hospital Beds

Some of the more advanced hospital beds now also include a massage feature.  These types of beds are most commonly used in care and nursing homes.  The massage feature on a hospital bed can be very therapeutic, as it can reduce pressure as well as stimulate better blood circulation and loosen up a patient’s tissues.

As you can see, a hospital bed is designed specifically to provide comfort for the patient, whilst also aiding in their recovery.  Furthermore, hospital beds are designed in such a way that carers, doctors and nurses are able to provide treatment for the patient without straining their own bodies, which is an important matter to take into consideration.  The best hospital bed should also include a massage feature to provide the patient with additional comfort and relaxation.

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