Electric Bed Bedding

Whilst you are waiting for your new electric bed to arrive, you will probably be getting everything ready for the much anticipated moment when you will be finally be able to enjoy that perfect night’s sleep.  No more messing about with cushions to find the perfect angle for your head, or propping your feet up on pillows after a long day at work, only to wake up the next morning to find that all the pillows and cushions have shifted and you are once again uncomfortable and stiff.  Electric beds however are not standard beds, so you will need some special bedding to make your bed.

Electric Bed Sheets

One of the essential parts of electric bed bedding is the fitted sheet.  As mattresses on electric beds are much thicker than standard beds, you will need a sheet that fits it perfectly.  Furthermore, as you will be folding and bending your mattress, your fitted electric bed sheets need to have strong corners in order to not pop off.  Generally, one of two systems are put into place to stop fitted sheets from popping off:

  • Wings, whereby each corner has a wing shaped piece on the fitted electric bed sheets, allowing it fit much more snugly and securely around your mattress.
  • Anchors, which are basically diagonal pieces of elastic that anchor your bed sheet in place around the corners.

Having the right fitted sheets for your electric bed mattress means that your sheet will not pop off during the night, nor will you end up with uncomfortable air pockets.

Electric Bed Blankets

Another essential part of electric bed bedding is the blanket.  The most popular types of blankets include:

  • Down blankets, which are very warm and soft and have the great insulation properties.
  • Electric blankets which are the favourite choice for many people, although some people prefer not to use electric blankets due to the cost of electricity and a fear of fire.
  • Wool blankets which are incredibly expensive but by far the most durable type of blankets as they will last a lifetime if properly cared for.  Wool can be very itchy so many people consider having a blanket made of a combination of wool and silk, to reduce the itchiness.
  • Fleece blankets which are warm, cheap and cheerful making them incredibly popular.  A good fleece blanket is just as warm, and sometimes warmer, than a wool blanket.
  • Cotton blankets, which are very popular because they are cheap and come in a range of designs.  However, cotton electric bed bedding is not very long lasting, which is definitely a downside.  Also, cotton blankets are not very warm and are hence more suited for the warmer climates, although many people do choose to use a cotton blanket during the summer and an additional blanket in the colder months.

Electric Bed Bedding Measurements

In order to get the right electric bed bedding it is vital to make sure you have taken the right measurements.  And, if you have a double electric bed, it is advisable to purchase two single blankets and sheets, as you and your sleeping partner will be unlikely to sleep in the exact same position.

Once you have got everything ready however, you are sure to have the perfect night’s sleep, in ultimate comfort!


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